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Customer Experience Manager

Talking on the Phone

As Our Customer Experience Manager

You will be the first point of contact for our valued customers, setting the tone for their entire experience with us. Your cheerful disposition and genuine care for our guests will leave a lasting impression, ensuring they feel cherished and welcomed throughout their journey with our company.


Your mission is to bring smiles to their faces, laughter to their hearts, and unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. 


  • The Welcoming Face:
    Greet all visitors with a beaming smile, radiating warmth and enthusiasm that immediately puts them at ease. Make every customer feel like they're part of our extended family.

  • Experience Extraordinaire:
    Go above and beyond to create an extraordinary experience for our customers. Provide exceptional assistance, whether it's answering questions, directing them to the right department, or anticipating their needs before they even ask.

  • Master Multitasker:
    Handle a bustling show room with grace and efficiency. Juggle incoming calls, walk-ins, and various administrative tasks seamlessly, ensuring our customers always receive prompt attention.

  • Problem-Solving Pro:
    Handle customer inquiries and concerns with empathy and professionalism. Be the hero who resolves issues swiftly and effectively, turning potential challenges into opportunities for even greater customer satisfaction.

  • The Information Hub:
    Stay informed about our company's products, services, and offerings. Be a knowledgeable resource for our customers, providing them with valuable insights and guidance.

  • Customer Feedback Champion:
    Actively seek and collect customer feedback, making their voices heard and helping us continuously improve our services.


1. High school diploma or equivalent; additional certification in office administration is a plus.

2. Proven experience in a customer service or receptionist role, showcasing outstanding interpersonal skills. Prior experience in a customer service is a plus.

3. A Bubbly Personality: A naturally cheerful and positive demeanor that uplifts those around you and turns wedding planning into a joyful journey. A positive and upbeat attitude, with a genuine passion for providing exceptional customer service.

4.Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with an ability to confidently interact with individuals at all levels.

5. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, ensuring accurate and efficient completion of tasks.

6. Proficiency in using office equipment, including telephone systems and computer applications such as MS Office.

7. Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively in a fast-paced environment.

9. Flexibility and adaptability to handle unexpected situations or changes in responsibilities.

10. Professional appearance and demeanor, reflecting the company's image of excellence. ​

  • Opportunity to learn from industry experts and expand your skill set.

  • Time Management: Master efficient task management and organization as you handle appointments, inquiries, and administrative tasks.

  • Client-Centric Skills: Elevate your customer service skills by providing a personalized and attentive experience to each client who walks through our doors.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with wedding industry professionals, expanding your network and opening doors to future career growth.

  • Skill Variety: Engage in a diverse range of responsibilities, from appointment scheduling to maintaining boutique ambiance.

  • Continuous Learning: Be part of a dynamic industry where trends evolve, offering continuous learning opportunities that keep you engaged and informed.

  • Witness the joy of couples' special moments and be part of their love stories.

If you're ready to infuse your energy, organization, and charm into the world of wedding planning, join us as a Customer Service Manager. 

Let's create happily-ever-afters together!  

Apply now and embark on a journey of love, laughter, and unforgettable celebrations.




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