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Wedding Officiant

To Have & To Hold...

Your marriage officiant is the person who will officiate your wedding ceremony. Choose between a Religious officiant, ordained by a religious denomination or non-religious officiant.

Religious Wedding Officiant - leaders of faith who perform religious wedding ceremonies
Professional Wedding Officiant - weave any religious or cultural traditions into the ceremony, craft a personalised ceremony 
Civil Wedding Officiant - non-religious ceremonies 


Rev.Shane Conner

Rev. Shane O’Connor Minister of Religion, Justice of the Peace, Marriage Officer. Shane O’Connor is a young, dynamic communicator who holds the offices of Minister of Religion, Justice of the Peace and Marriage Officer. Shane has been an ordained minister for over sixteen (16) years in the Associated Gospel Assemblies, a Justice of the Peace in the Island of Jamaica for over five (5) and a Marriage Officer having performed over 240 weddings.  Communication is Shane’s livelihood. He has spent most of his adult life sharing his passion for leadership voluntarily with youth ranging mostly from pre to high schools and engages in mentoring, leadership training, counselling and public speaking. He invests in youth because the future of the nation is in the hands of the current generation, which he currently led him down the professional pathway of guidance counsellor in a prominent, urban high school in Jamaica. His organization, The Spokesman JA is designed to reflect the different facets of communication delivery, embodied over twenty (20) years of creative honing, expression and experience.  His ability to connect with others, and especially with youth is something that Shane works hard to maintain. The major social media outlets are employed to convey his thoughts and agenda as he engages the pliable minds of the future with technology as the gateway.  Shane loves to bring persons together. He engages persons on a personal level in order to achieve a memorable experience which is most important to him. Weddings are a great way of showcasing an appreciation for togetherness and build lasting memories. He seeks to ‘Reinvent Soundness.’ While this may seem ambiguous to some, Shane wants it to be absolutely clear in the minds of his hearers that the things which are lasting are positive, principled and precious are the things which last and should be expressed in a unique way. He believes that responsible communication is the result of timeless principles expressed finitely through uniqueness. This is what he brings to every event and the persons he serves deserve nothing less.  Shane is a family man with wife Gabrielle and daughter Kaela-Michele.

✨Our Pixie Notes 

Arrives: 30 mins Prior to Ceremony 
Location: Kingston

Type: Professional Wedding Officiant 
ExperienceOver 240 weddings
He  is young, vibrant, jovial and full of energy. 
He is Perfect for young couples who want a ceremony that is not formal, he gives a lot of jokes and places marriage in modern day terms.  

Screenshot 2020-07-09 19.24.37.png

Rev. Astor Carlyle

The Reverend Astor Carlyle, head of the Webster Memorial United Church. Identifying his wife, Keisha, who he describes as his "best friend", and two children, Abigail, four, and Khaeron, three, as his "favourite people," he carves out family time out of his busy schedule by ensuring that he picks up his children after classes, and spends a two-hour period with them.

✨Our Pixie Notes ✨

Location: Kingston 

Type: Religious Wedding Officiant 
30 mins Prior to Ceremony 

Experience: Over 300 Weddings 

Man of God, Flexible, down to earth, not too Stuffy, Jovial personality and loves to laugh and give jokes.

He is Perfect for Relaxed Religious Weddings Ceremonies


Pastor Damian Austin 

Pastor Damion Austin is a young vibrant Registrar/ Marriage Officer and Minister of Religion.

Damion has been serving in Ministry for over 10 years and started serving as the Pastor for the House of God in Mocho St. James for the past 6 years. He now sits on multiple boards in the House of God in Jamaica.


He sits as a board member on the National Executive Board; he is the National Choir Director, the assistant Chairman for the National Presbytery board.  He is also a peer and Family life counselor, assistant chairman for the Upper St. James and St. Elizabeth Zone of Churches and head of the National Women’s Ministry in Jamaica.


In his professional life, Pastor Austin is an entrepreneur at heart. He is the Owner and Independent Outsourcing Consultant at Outsourcing Strategies, he is a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer for Global Outsourcing Solutions Ltd and he is also the force behind On Call Weddings Jamaica.


He is married to his wife Natasha of 10 years with a 7 year old son Alair. He and his family reside in Montego Bay Jamaica. They enjoy travelling both overseas and discovering local sites and attractions as well as spending time together and cooking. Individually, he enjoys public speaking, working out at the gym, fishing as well as Karaoke’.

✨Our Pixie Notes 

Arrives: 30 mins Prior to Ceremony 
Location: Montego Bay 

Type: Professional Wedding Officiant 
He is always very well dressed in suit and tie and also doubles as an amazing Emcee 
He is Perfect for
Modern Weddings,  he specialises in Destination Weddings 

Image by Ben White

Rev. Stephen Hamilton


✨Our Pixie Notes 

Arrives: 30 mins Prior to Ceremony 
Location: Montego Bay 

Denomination: Christian 

Type: Professional Wedding Officiant 
Young and Interactive Man of God 
He is Perfect for Modern Weddings,  he specialises in Destination Weddings 


Dr. Martin Schade

Dr Martin Schade is a philosopher and theologian. Of American parentage, he was born in Tokyo, Japan. He came to Jamaica in 1982. He has since become a proud naturalised Jamaican. He was a Jesuit Priest for 11 years  Martin has lectured at St Michael’s Seminary/Theological College, United Theological College and The University of the West Indies (Mona). He is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology, Jamaica. He teaches Philosophy, Ethics, Psychology, Human Sexuality and Comparative Religions. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Incarnation: A Harmony of One Love in the Totality of Reality. He also serves as the general secretary for the Jamaica Council for Interfaith Fellowship. 

✨Our Pixie Notes 

Location: Kingston  

Type: Civil Wedding Officiant 
Arrives: 20 mins Prior to Ceremony 

He is Perfect for Short and Sweet  Nuptuals ( 15 - 20 mins)  great for Non-denominational Weddings

Peter Garth.jpg

Rev. Peter Garth 

Described as a dedicated servant of God and a good Samaritan to the many communities he serves, Reverend Dr. Peter Garth makes it his daily duty to lift persons in need and attend to the poor and dispossessed, among others.He has been doing this for the past 37 years while serving his local church, Hope Gospel Assembly in St. Andrew, of which he is the Senior Pastor, and constituents of the various neighbouring communities.Reverend Garth’s service extends beyond the church and community, as he has been giving years of valued contribution to several committees and organisations.He served as President for the Jamaica Evangelical Alliance and Associated Gospel Assemblies, and Vice Chair of the Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches.Rev. Dr. Garth also served as Chairman of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee and was appointed by late former Governor-General, the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, to serve on the National Council for Education (NCE) and National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA).He is a Justice of the Peace for St. Andrew, and a member of the Lay Magistrates Association since 2000. A graduate of the Jamaica Theological Seminary and the Trinity Theological Seminary, Rev. Dr. Garth is the holder of a Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling and a Doctor of Philosophy degree, with a major in Counselling Psychology.His work as an author has entailed the publication of several manuals covering religion, leadership, praise and worship, fasting, discipleship, and marriage and counselling.

✨Our Pixie Notes 
Location: Kingston
Type: Religious Wedding Officiant 

ExperienceOver 500 weddings
He voice is authoritative and sounds amazing over the microphone, he narrates well. He is perfect for a Classic wedding style 

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