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Dear 2021 Bride....

My dear 2021 brides—continue to hold on.

Remember why and where you started and just how far you have come.

With all the government regulations, curfews, restrictions, the ever-changing numbers for weddings and just the overall health threat of COVID-19, 2020 and 2021 have been wild ones.

It’s okay to be frustrated; I know that you have probably cried, screamed, endured sleepless nights, answered countless questions, tried to deflect unsolicited advice and comments while you planned, replanned and, in some cases, Re-Replanned your event. All this while you try to remain positive, calm and happy. I’m proud of you. You have done well.

On the days that you need a little extra sunshine, rely on your support system—your planner, your bridal squad—after all, that’s why u chose them. And don’t forget your fiancé—yeah girl—remember he is going through this with you. For some, he has planned with you, he has taken you to the venue, attended meetings, tasted cake samples and he has seen how hard you have worked, and continue to work, on making your wedding day special. Its hard for him to watch you compromise on big ideas, slash your guest list to one third of what it was and he feels helpless. Right now more than ever, he wants to change the world for you.

I know you feel tired and disappointed and you feel like no one understands... but you belong to a unique set of pandemic brides who have been strong when they didn’t know they could be. You have navigated uncertain times and unchartered waters with no preplanned instructions. You have shown resilience and strength and I am so so proud of you.

And no! You are not selfish for wanting to have your wedding while the world is upside down. We get you; we understand. You want to celebrate this great milestone in your life and yes, you could wait till the world gets its ‘ish’ together but by then, your flower girl might be 25 and have outgrown her dress. No one knows what the future holds and you want to celebrate in the now. We get it!

So let’s consider a micro-wedding, a minimony or an elopement. These mini-events can be just as special as a big, crazy wedding. You can reimagine your event, adjust your numbers, adjust the time, move your special day to a weekday. Now that we have a smaller guests list, splurge on the things you couldn’t afford before; go ahead, get the fireworks it will make you feel better - lol.

This is merely a bump in the road. This is just a really, really long cocktail-hour-of-life and the “Reception” will begin shortly. Love will prevail—it always has and it always will. I can tell you because I have witnessed it with so many of our couples last year and this year. Couples are still having their weddings and families are coming together to celebrate.

What’s important is to provide a safe space for your guests to celebrate and that you observe all the protocols and create an amazing experience both for those in physically in attendance and those attending digitally. Create a day that you will be able to look back at and be proud of.

The journey to your wedding day is just as important as the destination. The big day may look a little different, you may have to wait a little more than you anticipated, but your love will endure and grow. We are here to tell that you that, “You’ve got this!” Your magical day is just around the corner.

Stay safe, stay positive, stay in love, and remember to keep the sunshine and unicorns alive.

Wedding Expert - Kara-Ann Anderson

Creative Director of Petals & Promises

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